The metal taste in soda: what is it and how to avoid it

Have you ever taken a sip of carbonated water and noticed it tasted like metal? We've all been there. It's a strange, almost metallic taste that leaves you wondering what is happening. Fear not—we have the answers to why carbonated water tastes like metal and what can be done to improve the flavour! 

What Causes That Metallic Taste? 

The metallic taste in carbonated water is caused by dissolved CO2. When carbon dioxide gas is dissolved in cold water, it forms carbonic acid—which has a slightly sour or acidic taste. This acidity can react with metals in the water, such as iron and copper, causing them to dissolve and leave behind an unpleasant metallic flavour. In addition, some sparkling water brands contain trace amounts of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), which can also contribute to the off-taste. 

How Can I Make My Carbonated Water Taste Better? 

The good news is that there are several things you can do to improve the taste of your carbonated water:

1. Try using filtered or purified water instead of tap water. Filtered or purified water tends to have fewer minerals than tap water, so it won't react with the CO2 as much and create that unpleasant metallic taste.

2. If you're using baking soda for added flavour or sweetness, try reducing the amount of baking soda you add -a little goes a long way!

3. Make sure you drink your sparkling water quickly after opening them.

4.Use filtered water with a MonTen Soda Water Maker.

    As time passes, more CO2 will be released from the beverage and increase its acidity level - leading to a more pronounced metallic taste. 

    Carbonated waters are becoming increasingly popular these days for their refreshing taste and lack of sugar or artificial sweeteners compared to other soft drinks. But sometimes, they can have an off-putting metallic aftertaste due to minerals reacting with dissolved CO2 gas molecules in the liquid form. Fortunately, this metal flavour can be easily avoided by using filtered or purified waters and reducing added ingredients such as baking soda before drinking them up! With just a few simple adjustments, your family can enjoy delicious bubbly drinks without any hint of metal!

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