MonTen Soda: Elevating Bali's Hospitality with Sustainable Sparkling Water

MonTen Soda is proud to announce a significant leap in our journey towards sustainable hydration. We've become the preferred choice for serving premium sparkling water in Bali. Our sparkling water makers have found a new home in some of the island's most prestigious hotels and beach clubs, transforming the guest experience and contributing to a more sustainable Bali.

**Serving Sustainability with Style**

Bali, renowned for its stunning landscapes and warm hospitality, is a destination where relaxation meets luxury. Now, guests at Alila by Hyatt Hotels and Westin Hotels and Resorts in Bali, MonTen Soda's sparkling water makers have become a staple, offering a sustainable and stylish way to serve sparkling water over single use bottled sparkling water.

Our sleek and eco-friendly sparkling water makers seamlessly align with the ethos of these renowned establishments, where wellness, luxury, and sustainability converge. It's more than just sparkling water; it's an enhancement to the Bali experience.

**Diverse Collaborations**

Our journey in Bali doesn't stop there. MonTen Soda proudly collaborates with a diverse range of establishments to cater to various tastes. Whether you're indulging in artisanal cuisine at Baked, lounging at Labrisa Beach Club's scenic paradise, dancing under the stars at La Favela Beach Club, or enjoying exclusive perks with Mariott Bonvoy, a
These partnerships underscore our commitment to offering accessible sustainable choices across Bali's vibrant landscape.

**Sustainability Meets Success**

The success of our partnerships is evident through the positive feedback we've received from guests and customers. They appreciate not only the refreshing taste but also our eco-conscious approach. MonTen Soda's sparkling water makers enable them to enjoy their favorite beverages guilt-free while reducing the environmental impact of single-use plastic bottles.

**A Glimpse into the Future**

As we celebrate these exciting collaborations, MonTen Soda looks ahead to a future filled with possibilities. This is just the beginning of our journey. We're gearing up to expand our presence and provide sustainable solutions to more homes, businesses, and establishments. Our goal is to make a significant impact, not just in Bali but beyond.

**Join Us on This Sparkling Journey**

Thank you for joining us in this exciting chapter of MonTen Soda's story. Together, we're raising a toast to a sustainable future, one sparkling sip at a time.

*Cheers to Sustainable Sparkling Water in Bali with MonTen Soda!*

Sprudelwasserbereiter in verschiedenen Farben, passend zu Ihrer Küche.

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